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Solar APP+

SolarAPP+ is revolutionizing solar in the U.S.

Freedom Forever SolarAPP+ revolutionizing

What is SolarAPP+?

Solar APP+ stands for Solar Automated Permit Processing. The "+" in SolarAPP+ was added to include PV + Storage permitting. We are now live in select AHJs. See how SolarAPP+ works here.

Why is SolarAPP+ important to Freedom Forever?

SolarAPP+ will change how we design, permit, install and inspect projects. The tool standardizes all aspects of Solar Design and removes AHJ-specific requirements. It also returns a permit instantly, meaning we can reduce our total time to permit, install, and inspect these projects. Revisions to our permit can also be made instantly, limiting the impact of rework on our timeline.

Why is SolarAPP+ important in the Solar Industry?

SolarAPP+ will revolutionize the way our industry operates. The Department of Energy (DOE) and National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) have spent years developing SolarAPP+ and are now advocating strongly for AHJs to adopt it. This benefits local governments by removing Plan Review and Hosted Inspections from their processes, allowing them to focus on more complicated projects than residential solar.

We are looking to target AHJ's to adopt SolarAPP+. If there are any AHJs with whom you have cultivated a great working relationship we want to know!

SolarAPP+ eligibility is limited to roof-mounted PV systems. Add-on systems and storage projects are not yet eligible for instant SolarAPP+ approval.

To stay up-to-date on where Solar App+ is available,

click here.