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Best practices for 5 star reviews

In this digital age, we know the power of customer feedback and how it can play a role in your company's growth. Positive reviews are highly beneficial to your company, and you should always have them top of mind when working with customers. Have you built a positive relationship with a happy customer? Reach out to them for a review! Not sure how? Check out these tips below! 

  • Google encourages businesses to ask for reviews. 
  • Yelp does not allow solicited reviews. 
  • Try saying: “If you’re happy with our service, leave us a review on Google. You can also check us out on Yelp!”
  • Yelp will move reviews to an unseen, “not recommended” section when employee’s full names are used in a review. Be aware of this when talking to customers about reviews.
  • If a customer makes any comments about leaving a review for you, it’s ok to let them know how to reference you, for example, “you can simply refer to me as ‘Jack’ if you feel inclined to mention me by name.” 

Encourage your customers to leave a review for your company, as well as Freedom Forever. Providing great customer service is the simplest way to ensure customers have a positive experience and will want to share it, and you, with others. 

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